VFX Breakdowns and Behind the Scenes

VXF Reel - Breakdowns

Our technical VFX Reel.

Loto 7 Behind the Scenes

One of the most entertaining production days ever! We've done a bunch of interesting and a good share of weird stuff during this shoot. Creative idea was simple: let's show all the stuff that can happen to someone that is less likely than winning the lottery. So we had to burn clothes for a lightning strike, make babies cry, get girls abducted by aliens and even prepare for CGI shark half-eating a human. We enjoyed every second of it and produced a really cool ad in the end. Watch the finished thing here: Loto 7

INA Christmas Behind the Scenes

Incredibly rewarding production day that holds a special place in our hearts. We had snow, Santa Claus and a red Ford Mustang. What more could you want for a Christmas ad? Besides filming the ad we also filmed an additional clip with our Mustang-driving Santa giving an INA employee a drifting ride in the snow on a custom-built rig. Loads of fun, plenty od warm beverages and laughs that day. Make a wish and watch the ad here: INA Christmas

INA Handball VFX breakdown

For this ad we built an entire CGI stadium and populated it with fans. The idea behind this shot was emphasizing the importance of fans and their effect on the performance of the players. After the modelling process and crowd animation we rendered, comped and color corrected the rest to match the rest of the ad. Watch it here INA Handball 2017