HEP Image Ad - Energy that moves Croatia

All the innovative, industrious and talented people of Croatia have one thing in common, the energy that constantly drives them forward toward their goals. The role of HEP in their stories is to be the wind in the sails of Croatia, from everyday people to the largest industries. To encompass this scope we executed the largest production ever for MIT, spanning 10 locations across 4 days, dozens of real life people all representing their real jobs on camera, months of VFX and post-production and parachuting over the Dalmatian coast. This production itself represents what "the energy that moves Croatia" really means.

  • Credits

    Direction: Marin Balaić, Vedran Marjanović
    Ass't Director: Christian Correia
    DoP: Vjeran Hrpka
    Editing: Vedran Marjanović
    Vfx: Leomar Iglesias, Marin Balaić
    Production: Mit