Fueled by Ambition - being the best means wanting it more than anything else

As the official sponsor for the Croatian National Handball team, INA approached us for the creation of an ad that would do the sport justice. Early on we decided not to go with the standard action-packed style you'd expect from a sports ad but to focus on a more subtle and much less visible part of the game. Even though handball is a team sport, in the end the victory or defeat is down to two people: the one aiming for the goal and the one defending it. Trying to read one another, victory can reside in a split second, and to come out on top you need the desire to be the best.

  • Credits

    Direction: Marin Balaić
    Assistant Directors: Chris Correia, Vedran Marjanović
    Editing: Marin Balaić
    Post-production: Marin Balaić, Chris Correia, Vedran Marjanović
    Sound Design: Chris Correia, Ivan Košćak
    Sound mix & mastering: Ivan Košćak
    Production: Mit