INA Bosch Loyalty - Fuel your inner craftsman

For this loyalty campaign, INA was selling discounted Bosch products on their retails stores. The challenge was to connect two entirely different brands seamlessly. Inside everybody is the desire to create and craft, Bosch and INA made this easy with their line of products and the best way to draw attention to it was to show that process. Simple and effective, this Bosch campaign became one of the most successful marketing campaigns in INA's history thanks to direct communication and appealing visuals.

  • Credits

    Direction: Marin Balaić
    Assistant Directors: Chris Correia, Vedran Marjanović
    Editing: Marin Balaić
    Post-production: Marin Balaić, Chris Correia, Vedran Marjanović
    Sound Design: Chris Correia, Ivan Košćak
    Sound mix & mastering: Ivan Košćak
    Production: Mit