MIT Studio is the culmination of years of experience in print, design and production, leading major national brands to success in all mediums and communication channels. We've continuously expanded our horizons to become a full service creative agency to our clients. It all started with the desire to bring good design to the forefront of all our creative endeavours. We want to get behind and under what makes brands and communication work, how to best connect to the audience and how to tell a story.

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Beginning with our sister company IBL, we've been intricately connected with printing since 1996. Since then we've developed invaluable first hand experience with pre-press and printing standards and procedures.


MIT proper began in 1998 with the goal of standing out from the competition by bringing real long term value to our customers. Good design is the foundation of any project that needs to communicate a strong message.


Production of high end TV ads began in 2008, the jump was made as a natural progression of communication and creativity. Design remained the foundation because story is king, and a good story benefits from good design.


Another step was made in 2012 with the introduction of high end animation and motion graphics into our pipeline.

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